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Why Dental Crown is the Most Preferred Choice For Individuals?

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why dental crown is the most preferred choice for individuals

Receiving a dental crown is just one method of restorative dentistry among many. However, many dentists recommend receiving a dental crown because of its effectiveness and durability.

Are you looking to acquire more information about dental crowns in Wetaskiwin? If so, contact our local dental practice whenever it works for you. Our staff is happy to answer any questions you might have.

What is a Dental Crown?

In simple terms, a dental crown is a tiny, customized cap that is placed over the top of a damaged tooth, just like a crown is placed over the top of a king’s head. They can be designed from several materials including metal, porcelain, and ceramic; even though metal is the most affordable and will last the longest, it is very visible when you smile. So, if you’re eager to have your prosthetic blend in with the natural shade of your teeth, you may want to consider the latter two options.

Prior to committing to this process, be sure to schedule a consultation with a dentist near you. Not only will they be able to identify whether you’re an ideal candidate to receive a dental crown, but they’ll also guide you through the treatment from start to finish so you know exactly what to expect.

There are a lot of reasons why your dentist may suggest receiving a dental crown, and they are described below:

  • Strengthening a tooth that’s weak from decay.
  • To cover chipped or cracked teeth.
  • To hold your dental bridge in place.
  • Covering a newly installed dental implant or a cavity that’s too big for a traditional filling.
  • Masking a discoloured tooth.

To learn more about dental crowns and their purpose, get in touch with your dentist today.

Receiving Dental Crowns

Receiving a dental crown is a streamlined process that requires at least two different appointments.

First, you’ll undergo an evaluation of your teeth and gums and have x-rays taken. This allows your dentist in Wetaskiwin to establish an in-depth understanding of your oral health hygiene and identify the level of care you need. Molds will then be taken of your tooth and sent off to the dental lab where your crown is fabricated.

You’ll be given a temporary dental crown in the meantime. Once your permanent prosthetic is ready to go, you’ll come back for a second appointment to have it placed over your tooth. Your dentist will make sure that it satisfies your oral dimensions and that your bite pattern is normal.

Advantages of Dental Crowns

Dental crowns are a great method to consider because:

  1. It restores your ability to eat.
  2. Protects damaged or vulnerable teeth from further damage.
  3. They’re designed to satisfy your oral dimensions and personal preferences.
  4. It’s a safe procedure.
  5. If it becomes loose, breaks, or falls out, it is easily replaced. f
  6. The appearance and functionality of your entire smile will be repaired.

Although a dental crown isn’t a permanent solution, if you take care to brush and floss on a daily basis, avoid opening packages with your teeth, wear a mouth guard when playing sports, and attend periodic dental checkups, it will serve you well for many years.

At Wetaskiwin Family Dental, we offer dental crowns near you. Our friendly, capable staff looks forward to working with you to repair your teeth. You deserve to have a smile that you’re proud of and one that doesn’t hinder you from your daily activities. Call, go to our website, or come visit us in person to set up an appointment today!