Tooth Extractions Near You

The idea of getting a tooth removed when you are an adult does not seem ideal. Sometimes, the need to remove a tooth can be inevitable to maintain your oral health. At Mahoney DDS, we want to ensure our patients feel comfortable when they need tooth extractions in Wetaskiwin. If you have any concerns about tooth extractions near you, contact us today!

tooth extraction in wetaskiwin

When Tooth Extractions are Necessary

There are many different cases when tooth extractions are a solution. The following lists situations where you would need to undergo tooth extractions in Wetaskiwin:

  • Your wisdom teeth grow in at an angle, causing discomfort
  • Your tooth is broken
  • If your teeth are not aligned properly
  • If you have gum disease
  • If you have excessive tooth decay or an infected tooth

In these situations, tooth extraction is usually the solution. It is best not to avoid removing your tooth to prevent future oral health problems from occurring. If you are afraid or have anxiety, our dental office offers sedation to help calm your nerves.

The Process of Tooth Extractions Near You

When you decide to get tooth extractions in Wetaskiwin, Dr. Mahoney ensures you know what will happen and feel comfortable during the process. There are two types of tooth extractions offered near you:

tooth extraction near you

Simple Tooth Extractions

When the tooth that needs to be removed is in a visible area, the extraction will be reasonably simple. You will be given local anesthetics, and the tooth will be pulled or loosened.

Complex Tooth Extractions

When your tooth is trapped under your gums, incisions will be made to remove the tooth. In complicated tooth extractions, you will usually have stronger sedation to ensure you feel no pain. Wisdom teeth are a typical case of complex tooth extractions.

Aftercare for Tooth Extractions in Wetaskiwin

After you have gotten your teeth removed, Dr. Mahoney will explain all the tips and steps required for a smooth recovery. Your mouth will be sore or swell, especially if you had a complex tooth extraction. The swelling and soreness should ease after a couple of days. An icepack on your cheek can reduce your discomfort in the meantime. With new gaps in your mouth, it can be difficult to eat. For the first couple of days, try to avoid solid foods. Eating softer foods such as yogurt and mashed potatoes will be easier on you and your wound. Any bleeding can be stopped by biting down on a gauze. Avoid spitting, sucking, and using a straw to prevent blood clots from dislodging. Blood clots help heal your extraction area. If the pain persists or you have concerns, contact our office.

Do You Need Tooth Extractions Near in Wetaskiwin?

If you need to get a tooth removed, schedule an appointment with Dr. Mahoney today!