Dentures Near You

Having missing teeth can affect many factors in your daily life. It affects how you speak, eat, and socialize. With multiple gaps in your mouth, you feel less confident socially and professionally. In addition to that, it affects your oral health. There are many negative effects of missing teeth, from increasing the risk of oral infections to deteriorating your jaw bone. This is where dentures come in. Are you interested in getting dentures in Wetaskiwin? Visit Dr. Mahoney for a consultation!

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What are Dentures?

Dentures often come off as artificial teeth people get as they age. This is partially true, but it can be a solution for those who are missing a couple of teeth as well. Partial dentures offer a solution to those who are missing a couple of teeth but have most of their healthy ones intact. They are designed to fit into your mouth and blend in with your existing teeth, so no one will be able to tell you to have dentures. They are secured onto your surrounding teeth with clasps.

Full dentures are the typical ones people think of when they think of dentures. They are meant for people who have lost most of their teeth. The remaining teeth get extracted. Full dentures will get placed immediately after extraction, or you will receive a set couple of weeks after, depending on the type of full dentures you choose.

Benefits of Dentures

Receiving dentures near you can give you a new set of teeth or make your set appear whole again. Dentures provide our patients with multiple different benefits, including:

  • Cost-effective, your insurance will most likely cover dentures
  • Supports your facial muscles
  • They are removable
  • They are as functional as real teeth
  • Allows you to eat what you couldn’t without teeth
  • Improves the way you speak
  • Improves your bite
  • Improves your smile
  • Improves your confidence
dentures near you

Tips to Maintain Your Dentures

Even though your teeth or some of your teeth may be artificial now, it does not mean you can skip taking care of them! By taking proper care of your dentures, you can ensure they last. The following are tips to help maintain your dentures:

  • Be gentle when handling your dentures
  • Remove your dentures at night when you sleep
  • Clean your dentures daily
  • Rinse your dentures after each meal
  • Store your dentures in a solution when not wearing

Get Dentures in Wetaskiwin!

If you are searching for dentures near you, look no further than Mahoney DDS! We are excited to be a part of your journey to a new smile and improve your oral health. Contact us for a consultation if you are missing teeth!