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What to Do in a Dental Emergency?

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what to do in a dental emergency

Dental emergencies can strike when you least expect them, causing discomfort and anxiety. Whether it’s a sudden toothache, a broken tooth, or an injury to the mouth, knowing how to handle a dental emergency and seeking treatment at emergency dentistry in Wetaskiwin is crucial. In this blog post, we’ll guide you through the steps to take when faced with an unexpected dental issue.


A sudden toothache can be draining.  Start by rinsing your mouth with warm water to clean the affected area. Floss gently to remove any debris that may be causing the pain. Over-the-counter pain relievers can offer temporary relief, but it’s crucial to schedule an appointment with your dentist as soon as possible to identify and address the underlying cause.

Chipped or Broken Tooth

If you chip or break a tooth, save any broken pieces and rinse your mouth with warm water. Use a cold compress on the affected area to reduce swelling. Contact your dentist immediately to discuss the situation and schedule an emergency appointment at an emergency dentistry near you. In the meantime, avoid chewing on the affected side of your mouth.

Knocked-Out Tooth

Prompt and immediate action is essential to successfully re-implanting a knocked-out tooth. Hold the tooth by the crown (not the root), rinse it gently with water, and try to place it back in the socket. If this isn’t possible, store the tooth in milk or a tooth preservation solution while you visit your dentist near you. Time is of the essence, so seek professional help immediately.

Lost Filling or Crown

Losing a filling or crown can expose sensitive areas of your teeth. While waiting to see your dentist, apply dental cement, available at most pharmacies, to cover the affected area. Avoid chewing on the side of the mouth with the lost filling or crown and schedule an appointment promptly to prevent further complications.

Abscess or Swelling

Dental abscesses can cause severe pain and swelling. Rinse your mouth with a mild saltwater solution to help reduce bacteria and ease discomfort. An over-the-counter pain reliever can provide temporary relief, but it’s crucial to consult with your dentist promptly. Abscesses can lead to serious infections if left untreated.

Dental emergencies can be unsettling, but a calm and informed response can make a significant difference in the outcome. Remember to contact your dentist as soon as possible in any emergency, as professional intervention is essential for proper diagnosis and treatment. Additionally, maintaining good oral hygiene and attending regular dental check-ups can help prevent emergencies and ensure the overall health of your teeth and gums.

How can you Prevent a Dental Emergency?

Preventing dental emergencies involves adopting good oral hygiene practices, making lifestyle choices that promote dental health, and being proactive about regular dental check-ups. Here are some tips to help you minimize the risk of dental emergencies:

  • Regular dental checkups 
  • Practice good oral hygiene 
  • Avoid harmful habits 
  • Protect your teeth during sports 
  • Maintain a healthy diet 
  • Address teeth grinding 
  • Stay hydrated
  • Address dental issues promptly 
  • Educate yourself  

By incorporating these practices into your daily routine and seeking regular dental care from our professional dentist in Wetaskiwin, you can significantly reduce the possibility of experiencing dental emergencies and maintain a healthy, confident smile.

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