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Wetaskiwin Family Dental On Jaw Bone Deterioration

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wetaskiwin family dental on jaw bone deterioration

Hello, friends of Wetaskiwin Family Dental! Today’s post focuses on jaw bone health.

To remain dense, your jawbone needs to be consistently stimulated by the pressure of chewing, biting, and talking. Each tooth has a root structure attached to the surrounding bone material. As each tooth absorbs the forces of everyday mouth function, it stimulates the bone surrounding the root.

In some cases, tooth extraction is the only possible treatment for our Wetaskiwin patients with tooth damage beyond repair. However, we make every effort to preserve the root structure. When a tooth is extracted, the jaw bone that surrounded the original root structure begins to recede.

Fortunately, tooth implants provide a new, artificial root that keeps the surrounding bone healthy and strong. A dental implant consists of a tough titanium post that is placed in the jaw bone. It replaces the original root and eventually integrates into the surrounding bone.

After the implant has been placed and the surrounding bone has healed and meshed with the implant, a post is inserted into the implant. The new artificial tooth, or crown, is then attached to the post. Implant restoration is a safe and effective treatment for tooth loss with a very high success rate.

For more specifics about dental implants, call dentist near you at 780-352-5113. The calming team at Wetaskiwin Family Dental provides world-class dental treatment for patients in Wetaskiwin and the surrounding areas.

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