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Top Reasons To Visit Your Wetaskiwin Dentist

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top reasons to visit your wetaskiwin dentist


  1. Check-Up; it’s time, and this is the best way to avoid dental problems.
  2. Clean-Up; our dental hygienist is ready to give you a super clean smile.
  3. Brush Up; if it has been a while since your last dental visit, it’s probably time to come in to learn about the new options we have for dental care.
  4. Avoid Pain; if you have dental pain and have been putting off a trip to the Wetaskiwin dentist, come in now. We specialize in relieving dental pain.
  5. Fillings; we can find and fill all your dental cavities in almost no time at all. This will help you avoid more painful problems down the road, and helps ease some of those sensitivities to hot and cold.
  6. Prevent Gum Disease; we can assess the health of your gums and suggest treatments or practices that are available to help you improve the health of your gums.
  7. A Whiter Smile; We can help. We have tooth-whitening options available that will brighten your smile and make your teeth whiter.
  8. Tooth Replacement; If you are missing a tooth, we can help restore your smile with the latest in tooth replacement technology.
  9. Cosmetic Dentistry is something everyone is considering to make improvements to their smile. We can help you assess the options and learn more about the possibilities of cosmetic dentistry.
  10. Confidence; Nothing brings you more confidence than a bright and beautifully healthy smile.

I’m Doctor Tim Mahoney of Wetaskiwin Family Dental, DDS in Wetaskiwin, Alberta. Give us a call at 780-352-5113, or visit us on our website at I am a member of Alberta Dental Association.