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All the Information You Need About Dentures

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all the information you need about dentures

Are you thinking about getting dentures in Wetaskiwin? If so, it is important to do personal research and discuss this option with an oral health professional, whether that’s your general dentist or a denturist. They will be happy to walk you through the treatment process so you understand what to expect. 

What are dentures?  

Dentures are dental appliances used to replace lost or removed teeth. They are constructed of gum and fake teeth. You can replace the lost teeth on your upper or lower jaw with complete or partial dentures in your area. Any kind of denture you receive is a dental appliance that is built specifically for you, fitting your mouth and looking just like your real teeth.

How do dentures work?

Natural teeth are replaced with detachable dentures. You will need to visit a dentist near you so they can take impressions that are used to ensure the dentures fit your dimensions properly.

If you have removable dentures, they are held in place by suction; if you have fixed dental implants, they are held in place by adhesion. You may simply brush them as usual!

Advantages of wearing dentures

Are you still unsure if getting dentures near you would be a good way to improve your smile? These five main advantages might influence your choice in the end. Dentures allow you to:

  • Look more youthful: Your facial muscles may begin to sag if you are lacking teeth, giving the appearance of being sunken. Dentures provide support for your oral muscles, giving your face a natural facelift and making it appear fuller. 
  • Boost your confidence: Dentures can help conceal concerns such as missing teeth or gaps between your teeth if you’re self-conscious about them. Enjoy a confident smile that is natural, consistent, and whole. 
  • Savor a wider variety of foods: Some people find it difficult to eat meals that need to be bit or chewed thoroughly. Your palette can be expanded with dentures. You can probably bite and chew on a variety of textures, with your artificial teeth being stronger. You will still have to watch what you consume. Your dentures shouldn’t shatter, chip, or chip by accident.
  • Give your remaining teeth support: All of your teeth receive an equal amount of chewing activity from dentures. Essentially, this implies that your natural teeth, which can be weaker than your dentures, don’t need to work as hard or independently to break down food.    
  • Boost your pronunciation: Pronouncing words correctly might be impacted by missing teeth. To facilitate easier conversation with friends and family, dentures can help you pronounce words more clearly.

Four types of dentures

Selecting a denture type will be the next step if your dentist in Wetaskiwin certifies that dentures are the best course of therapy. These four varieties of dentures are available for selection.

1. Full dentures

This is an entire upper and lower set of detachable teeth. When practically all of your teeth have been gone, full dentures are a typical alternative.   Fortunately, maintaining good dental hygiene habits makes it simple to avoid losing most of your teeth. Nonetheless, a complete set is a good option in the event that you do require dentures in the future.   

2. Partial dentures

You could just require partial dentures if the majority of your teeth are still there. A few artificial teeth to fill tooth gaps or just an upper or lower denture are examples of partial choices.  

3. Snap in dentures

This alternative is thought to be more stable in comparison to traditional dentures. In order to help “snap” these dentures into place, screws or dental implants are surgically inserted into your jawbone. Dental patients like snap-in dentures not only for their stability but also for their more natural appearance and ability to be used with harder-textured foods.  

4. Temporary dentures

While you wait a few weeks for the creation of your permanent dentures, these temporary dentures are meant to help your teeth become adjusted to wearing dentures.

Looking for More Information?

The most crucial thing to keep in mind is that dentures do require replacement and cannot take the place of routine dental checkups. Consult our dentist at Wetaskiwin Family Dental if you have any questions! They will be able to assist you in selecting the best kind of denture for your requirements or advise you of any other options.