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6 Good Reasons To Visit Your Dentist More Often

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6 good reasons to visit your dentist more often

Most people visit the dentist about once each year. At Wetaskiwin Family Dental in Wetaskiwin, we like to see our patients every six months. It’s the best way to ensure good dental health.

And yet, as many as forty percent of other adults don’t even see their dentist once a year. Some go for five years without a checkup. Not a good idea!

There are plenty of reasons to visit the dentist. For this blog post, we have narrowed it down to six good reasons.

1. Oral Cancer Detection

That’s right: cancer detection. Not many people realize the risk of getting cancer in their mouth or throat. Oral cancer is a serious, potentially life-threatening problem. The risk of getting oral cancer is increased significantly for tobacco users, but the risk is there for everyone.

Dentists are trained to spot the signs of oral cancer, and regular checkups can mitigate the risk. Oral cancer is very treatable, but you have to catch it early.

2. Cavity Damage

Everyone gets cavities. They are a fact of life.

The problem comes when they aren’t discovered early enough and the damage requires a significant fix. Cavities are one of the reasons by most people avoid the dentist, because they are associated with pain.

However, the opposite is what’s true. People who visit the dentist more frequently have fewer cavities. Early treatment of cavities can be less invasive, and even cosmetically favorable. Catching cavities early offers tremendous advantages.

3. Gum disease

Like cavities, gum disease is associated with discomfort. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Visiting the dentist more often means keeping an eye on the health of your gums. We can help you track the health of your gums and can prescribe healthful procedures to avoid or cure gum disease.

4. Bad Habits

Bad habits can have a negative impact on your oral health. Smoking, poor diet, biting nails and clenching teeth are among the more common.

Frequent visits to Wetaskiwin Family Dental can help you track any potential harm you may be causing with bad habits. We can help you identify harmful habits and can prescribe procedures or treatments to help you recover.

Don’t let bad habits get in the way of your oral health. It helps to have an experienced professional to help you manage habits so they don’t become destructive.

5. Deeper Problems

Most of the reasons we have discussed so far involve oral inspection. However, has the ability to look deeper with x-rays.

X-ray technology has come a long way and can be a great way to spot potential problems before they become visible. We are trained to look at x-rays to find common problems. Many of the problems can be fixed before damage occurs,

Frequent visits to Wetaskiwin Family Dental can help you see below the surface and catch problems before they arrive.

6. More Than Just Teeth

We are concerned about more than just your teeth. We care about your overall health.

Dentists are trained in the anatomy around your mouth and which includes your neck, throat, lymph nodes and head. Dentists know a lot about these areas and look for signs of trouble.

A regular visit to your dentist can help you avoid health issues that can affect your overall health.

Visiting Wetaskiwin Family Dental in Wetaskiwin every six months can help you maintain your dental healthy. Services include general and cosmetic dentistry. Schedule an appointment with Wetaskiwin Dentist today.